Interestingly enough, T-Mobile and AT&T have posted the same teaser pages these days, related to an upcoming Samsung smartphone. While your first guess may be the Galaxy S6, it’s actually the Galaxy S6 Edge, as the side curved screen version is now rumored to be called.



You can check out the AT&T site here and the T-Mobile image below. I’ll remind you that this Sunday, on March 1st, we’ll get the very first glimpse at the Galaxy S6 and the accompanying Galaxy Edge. The latter was called for a long while Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, then Galaxy S Edge or Galaxy Edge and now it’s rumored again as the Galaxy S6 Edge. We’re dealing with a model derived from the S6, with similar specs and curved side parts of the main screen, adding to display estate.

Screenshot (188)_500x162

The device will have 3 GB of RAM, an Exynos 7420 processor, a 20 megapixel main camera and it will manage to keep its physical buttons on the side, unlike the case of the Note Edge. I wonder why carriers are choosing to promote the Edge so early and not the S6… Bonus, we found a codename reference in the source code of the AT&T page below: Galaxy S6 Edge, but it could all be SEO…


via AT&T and Droid Life

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