A brand new version of the Bing for Windows Mobile app has just been released yesterday, packed with new and interesting features. The folks of Pocketnow managed to test the software, focusing on the Bing Navigation function, that gets demoed in the video at the end of the article.

Bing Navigation comes with voice-prompt text-to-speech navigation, telling you the names of the roads you should turn on and what side of the street your destination is. Voice prompts work reasonably well and as far as the new Bing app is concerned, we have to mention that it comes with a redesigned home page and faster access to common searches, like Movies and Traffic.

If you’re using a Windows 6.x phone on AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint, voice guided navigation will be supported and you’ll see a new “Navigate” button. Once you select it, Bing will calculate your route and guide you to the needed destination. Arrows and alerts will be available, as you proceed. Here’s the nav feature in action:

[via pocketnow]