Since Bing Navigation just got updated, Google Maps for mobile was also revamped with features that folks riding on 2 wheels will find very useful. Google Maps 4.2 for Android now provides biking directions on the go and also supports Navigation shortcut and sharing.


Biking directions were already available on the desktop version of Google Maps, so we’re pretty excited to see this function in the Android version as well. You’ll get all the lanes, trails and biking directions you need on your handset, as the National Bike Month approaches. Your optimal bicycling route in the US will be shown, and there’s even an associated layer for this view, showing dedicated bike-only trails.

You can even view the hills that would make your biking experience unpleasant. Among the new features there’s also a Navigation shortcut, allowing you to pick a destination and start heading that way in only 2 finger taps. Just select the Navigation icon in the phone’s app launcher, pick a contact, a starred place or a recent destination and you’ll be on your way.

Google Maps 4.2 for Android also brings sharing features, so you’ll be able to choose to “Share this place” from any search results page, or send the address and phone number of a location to any of your friends. You can meet people at a concert or send the exact map location to someone dear, plus a snapshot, if you want.

The software works on Android 1.6+ phones and you can click here to get the updated Maps app.


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