With MWC 2012 only a bunch of weeks away, we’re counting down the days till we get to see the latest in mobile technology… and this latest might also include something from RIM. Till then we have a fresh leak, the one of BlackBerry 10, that’s shown on the screen of a mystery handset, possibly the BlackBerry London model, as seen below.


The release of BB 10 is expected sometime in September 2012 and originally this OS was supposed to be called BBX, since it combined QNX with BlackBerry OS, but RIM lost the trademark to that name. CrackBerry is the one with the scoop here, since they got hold of the list of features and photo of the BlackBerry 10 device. This handset is pretty different from the original leak of the London, with a more iPhone-like design, a very clean and clear interface and an incredibly thin waistline.

The angled edges and silver accents reminds me of the BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981 and overall the handset looks like a hybrid between the PlayBook and Droid X. Crackberry says that it heard rumors about a TI OMAP5 and Qualcomm chipset being tested right now (1.5GHz dual core processors), with one of them being ready to be selected for the final device. The Qualcomm could be chosen for the CDMA carriers, while the TI OMAP will be selected for the GSM ones.

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