Over the past days I’ve had the great opportunity of playing with the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930, also known as the Bold Touch 9900 in some parts of the world. Now, you can watch the Verizon-branded smartphone in action in the video below, where I unbox it for your viewing pleasure.


We’re dealing here with a device that has a very elegant box, but one that doesn’t spell its name at all. We’re only left with “BlackBerry” and that’s it… Inside the box we find the handset, a bunch of manuals, a cleaning rag, the battery, the USB Cable, charger, charger adapter and a very sturdy case for the phone.

Now, where are my headphones, RIM guys?! They probably assume that the buyer of a BlackBerry doesn’t need to listen to music or take calls using a headset. Well… let’s not be mean just yet, since maybe this handset is incredible enough to make us forget about its lack of headphones. As you can see, the device has a huge boot sequence, it runs BlackBerry OS 7.0 and it’s quite light and thin for a BlackBerry. More info you’ll find out from the full review in the following days.

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