StatCounter is a web analytics company that recently posted some statistics showing that Apple’s iOS was for the first time surpassed by BlackBerry OS in the US. This achievement is only applied to the month of November, when BB OS reached 34.3%, overtaking Apple iOS and its 33% registered last month.


Android placed third with 23.8%, tripling its Internet market share from 8.2% in November 2009 to the previously mentioned figure. Meanwhile, iOS continues to decline, as last year it had 51.9% and now only 33%. Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter CEO said that if this trend goes on, next year BlackBerry and Android combined might be twice the size of iOS, as far as mobile Internet usage is concerned.

The same Cullen mentioned that Windows Phone 7 is not yet registering a percentage that’s significant, but things will look differently in 2011. As far as the global stats are concerned, Symbian OS leads the pack with 31.9%, followed by iOS, with 21.9%, BlackBerry OS, with 19.3% and Android, with 11.6%.

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