The BlackBerry Venice slider has leaked again and this is certainly not the first time, but rather the fourth or fifth, if my count is right. The product is pictured running Android, just like that recently leaked BlackBerry Passport with Lollipop.



As you can see in the pics, the design fits perfectly with the leaked render from @evleaks. This time we also get to see the SIM card slot and microSD card slot placement, at the top of the phone, so it appears that the Home button didn’t make it to that area. Unlike previous leaks, this time we get to see the screen powered on and the device running what seems to be Android Lollipop.


The camera looks pretty big, has a beefy metal ring round it and two flashes are in the mix, too. The 4 row QWERTY is compact, perhaps even more compact than expected, after the very wide Passport. 4 rows of keys are available, including a Symbol and Space key. Seeing this device snuggled in the user’s hand makes it look even more comfy and narrow. I’m still not convinced if the screen edges are curved or not… We expect a powerful Snapdragon CPU inside (S810 or S808), 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and a potent 18 MP camera here.

via crackberry

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