We’re getting pretty tired of all the speculation regarding the name of the next HTC One. It could be The New HTC One, HTC One 2014, but it could be something totally different, as confirmed by a leak from UK carrier Three.



Apparently they’re listing the phone as the HTC One M8, for some reason. The M8 was seen as a codename for many months now and it makes sense as a follow-up for the M7, the codename of the first HTC One. The idea of having the device named HTC One M8 may be inspired by the pronunciation of M8 as “Mate”, but there was an older device years ago called One Mate…

Of course, the name HTC One M8 is better than HTC Two or HTC One Two and even compared to the All New HTC One. On March 25th, everything will become clear, since that’s when HTC will announce the phone. Till then, remember that we’re dealing with a 5 inch Full HD smartphone with a Snapdragon 800 CPU and dual cameras.

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