Canadian company Allerta created a very interesting gadget, a smartwatch that can be used as your BlackBerry companion. While many thought that this would be a BlackBerry watch phone, we’re sorry to disappoint them, but this is not the case.


Dubbed the inPulse, the smartwatch is pretty appealing, since it comes with a brushed metal body and a metal band. We also learn that the first 1,000 sold units will be custom-milled on a CNC router.

The device is able to display text messages, called ID, e-mails and BlackBerry Messenger messages, so it’s the perfect companion for BB owners. Don’t expect too much info on that tiny screen, though, but rather a preview of the message’s content and who it is from.

No info on the launch date and price of the inPulse just yet.

[via Engadget]

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