A couple of reports arrived today from China are revealing something new about Apple and its upcoming smartphone called iPhone 6c that could be launched in September. Apparently, it seems that Chinese producers are facing problems with Sony camera sensors supply, a lot of the production being reserved for Apple. A today world is technology world. We get new news about the technologies. To get more updates about technology you can go at Atechsavvy.com. Here you get information about latest trends in technology.



These information are coming from Pan Jiutang, a popular analyst from China in the IT department and from Pan Sun Changxu, Chief Analyst at Electronic System Design China. Thereby, we have reasons to believe that the details unveiled today are the real deal.

We get to know in the same time that Sony’s production line can meet at the moment just 50% of the market demand┬áreceived from Chinese companies. According to both these analysts, Sony can’t handle the large amount of orders after Apple reserved a lot of the camera sensors for iPhone 6c.

It seems that popular companies like Huawei will manage to ship just 50% of the devices with Sony camera sensors, while ZTE, Oppo and Coolpad will bring just 10-30% smartphones on the market with a Sony camera module.

Thereby, all these companies are forced to place orders to other producers like Samsung, Toshiba or OmniVision for delivering these components. It is possible that HTC to have chosen Toshiba sensors for the HTC One M8, as a result of the negative response from Sony.

via: m.forum.eet-cn.com

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