If you want a decent comparison between the features of the most popular operating systems at the moment, for now we can offer you the video below, showing you the way copy/paste is done on the most popular software platforms for mobile. We’ve got the Samsung Galaxy S 4G with Android, the iPod touch 4G on the iOS side, Windows Phone 7 (HTC HD7 if I’m not mistaking), Nokia N8 with Symbian^3 and BlackBerry Torch with BB OS.


The comparison begins with a blast from the past, an old i-mate smartphone, or better said PDA from the 2002-2003 period. This old-school device uses the stylus for copying text and pasting is done either with the stylus and the required option or with the CTRL + V command using the keyboard. On Windows Phone 7 you can tap a letter or word to enable the copying area and expand or shrink it by tapping the screen. Also, a copy button will appear.

Once you enter any menu with text writing options in WP7, you will be shown a paste button. Next up, on iOS you just tap the text in order to select how much of it you want to copy and then the needed option appears on top. Pasting is done by tapping on holding your finger on the screen. On Android things work pretty much the same, while the Nokia N8 proves to be a tough cookie, as far as this feature is concerned.

Last, on BlackBerry Torch you’ll tap and hold, then pick the select button and then choose the copy button, in a series that’s too long to be appealing. Which one do you like best?

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