Fresh after the news about the AT&T T-Mobile buyout, we start to get some info from CTIA, related to the just acquired carrier. T-Mobile confirmed the G2x smartphone, a LG Optimus 2X unit that’s been rebranded. The specs are the same as the ones we learned in December.

We’re dealing with a dual core handset that runs Android 2.2 and we sure hope it’s going to get Gingerbread faster than a Galaxy S or two. T-Mobile also announced 42Mbps networks for users in New York, Orlando and Las Vegas, with the “coming soon” status. The next step is expanding to Chicago, Long Island and Jersey.

25 markets by mid-year is the company’s objective and moving back to product announcements, T-Mobile also announced new 4G mobile broadband hardware. This means we get to see a new 4G Mobile hotspot and new laptop sticks. Rocket 3.0 is compatible with the 42Mbps service, while Rocket 4G and Jet 2.0 provide 21Mbps connections. The last of them will be available for free with mail in rebate and a 2 year contract.

The Sidekick 4G was also announced, with a $100 price tag, with contract and mail in rebate.