If you’re one of the Android users sick of waiting for the next software update or unsatisfied with the features of your device, we have a new CyanogenMod version for you. CyanogenMod 7.0 has just been released and it’s ready for the general public. This is the final version of CyanogenMod, after many months of work.


The software is based on Android 2.3.3 and the list of Android devices that are supported now also includes the B&N Nook Color and Viewsonic G Tablet. Cyanogen claims he added the most popular features in CM6 and support for a couple more tablets. Right now, this version works on 30 devices, all of them supported in this release.

Of course, this is a “neverending work in progress”, as the developers behind the project put it, so there’s an issue tracker here, if you’re interested. The ideal way to install CM7 is to use a ROM Manager and you’ll find all the info you need to root our device in the wiki here. If you upgrade from CyanogenMod 6, you are advised to perform a backup first…

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