Thanks to the folks of and we’ve found out a nifty way of getting to download Android Amazon AppStore software, even if you’re not in the States. We have a tiny tutorial below, that’s pretty easy to follow, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t be abusing this method and you should only use it for free apps.

For starters, you need an email address for this purposes alone, since otherwise, you’ll get your usual email address banned and maybe you still need it. Next up, you’ll register on with this email address and you’ll need a phone number, address and credit card, all of them based in the USA.

The thing to do is go to , that will provide everything you need. Once again, do not buy apps with that fake credit card, as you’ll be banned immediately. Stick with the free apps and attach your credit card info to the 1click settings option and then install the Android Market app for Android available right here.

Also, you should stick to this first version of the app, so ignore future upgrades, if you don’t want trouble. We don’t encourage such methods, so this is an informative tutorial, but you should know anyway that most (if not all) of the apps on Amazon are found on the Android Market as well.

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