Dream Chaser is a game I’ve tested on the iPhone 5, a fun little free title from Chillingo, that looks pretty nifty on the 4 inch screen. This iOS game is an endless runner with a gothic vibe and nice visuals.


dc 4

Dream Chaser even has a story and it’s a 3D runner, that has you collecting orbs and powering up 3 levels of ultra high speed running. There’s story a mode with a variety of levels, each one with its own objectives and an endless mode. The story mode will usually pit you against a time limit and usually you either run into a trap or hole. You have 3 lives here, but in the endless mode you simply have to get to a certain gate in due time, without any type of life limitations.

dc 3

By the way, you can only do 15 story races at a time, since then you run out of hearts and you have to wait a bunch of minutes for those to replenish. There’s a nice feeling here and a cute little story, but we could live without it. You play as Nito, the spirit of the night and you have to find crystals, basically.

You tilt the device left or right to move the character and tap to jump. There are also other collectibles here, like magnets, a creature that breaks traps and more. This is quite a hard game, that offers 26 missions and sometimes it’s too fast for its own good. We give it a 7.8 out of 10 and you can download it from here.

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