If you ever wanted a dual SIM iPhone 4 and also tried to stay away from Asian knockoffs, then the solution is the case shown below. The creators of the Peel iPod phone adapter are the ones who made this, a case called the Vooma Peel PG92. The gadget relies on a jailbroken iPhone to add dual SIM capabilities to it.

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are compatible with this case, that involves a backup battery that will charge your phone and also acts as sort of a standalone handset on its own. The result is a huge iPhone 4, that requires a jailbreak and the Vooma app to use the innovative features and control the extra phone inside the case, including its second dual SIM card.

For now, the product is in pre-release phase and even you can enter the testing stage by entering your email address at the Vooma website. Peel PG92 seems to work just fine, after all setup is complete and it even relies on a dialer similar to Apple’s own solution. However, in order to reach this, the developers actually did something strange and foolish: they used something that looks like a screenshot of the original dialer, so the numbers and letters are warped.

Excited about this solution?

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