The Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs biography has generated quite a bunch of reactions on the web lately, especially since it mentions potential future plans and attitudes of the Apple boss. For one, he was planning a television set and one more thing that stirred the web was his declaration of “thermonuclear war against Android”.


Now Google’s Eric Schmidt defended the OS created by the company he runs, saying that Android has been in the making long before the iPhone and iOS came along. Steve Jobs seemed pretty convinced that Android is an iOS clone, that ripped them off and swore that he’ll spend every cent of the Cupertino giant’s billions of dollars to take down the Google creation.

At some point he even refused money from Eric Schmidt and co, saying that he only wants Google to stop copying their work. Well, actually, recent lawsuits and statements have shown that Oracle had its code copied in Android, not Apple… To make everyone sure that he’s still at peace with Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt reminded people that he considered the former Apple CEO a “fantastic human being”.

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