There are many Siri alternatives out there, ranging from S Voice on Samsung devices to Tell Me on Windows Phone and Iris on Android. Now there’s also Evi, a free download from the Play Store, that we reviewed on the HTC One S. This voice companion requires Android 2.2, it takes up only 1 MB and it’s totally free.



It supports voice and text input and it understands plain English, although occasionally it fails to deliver the desired results. It has local information for UK and USA, stuff like shopping, news, dining and more. There’s also a built in browser, that includes a web links within the Evi app. The nice thing is that there’s a learning system here, with Evi learning from your world and from its own answers.

Evi is able to compare about a billion facts from her database and give you the desired results. You should also know, that Evi isn’t exactly a personal assistant like Siri, but it’s rather an information assistant. It’s able to answer your questions, rather than execute your commands. It cannot text for you and it uses Nuance voice recognition in case you’re wondering. It can do calculations, currency conversions and fact finding. We give it an 8 out of 10 and you can download it from here.

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