Ever wondered what would happen if the handsets that don’t support multi-touch would get such a feature via software, or a system that’s similar to it? A developer managed to create an experimental multi-touch system and tested it on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, in order to reveal the real hidden capabilities of the software and hardware of the device:

He used a game to illustrate the features of his multi-touch system, allowing the user to press virtual buttons, just like in a Guitar Hero title. The problems faced by the people using this platform till now were stuff like the button layout, since the keys aren’t too easy to reach and must not make the player’s hands obscure the gameplay area.

Also, you probably know that most touchscreen devices only support single touch interaction, reducing the number of button presses available, unlike physical keypads, that allow combos. These two issues have been overcome, as the video above proves, although the game that showcases the system is very basic, but we’re more into the technology that’s behind it, than the actual game.

[via YouTube]

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