Windows 10 for desktop and tablet has been dissected enough, so it’s time to enjoy a leak of the mobile version. Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones was bound to go live to insiders early this month and here we are with the first images.



The screenshots focus on the Action Center, that includes a series of minimalistic toggles, with an expanded list format that takes 3 rows. The new Settings area has been totally revamped and if you ask me, they pretty much stole the design from the BlackBerry 10 OS Settings area (look it up). To call Microsoft’s approach here minimalistic would be too little, since very icon is basically an outline of a symbol.

A new feature is the addition of larger vertical tiles and we’re curious to see what other novelty there is here. I hope the Settings are better organized now, instead of the chaotic approach from before. From what we’ve heard the app list has also received a slight revamp.


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