Forget holographic displays and projector phones for a moment and let’s have a look at the human side of things… We’re dealing with a device that’s all feeling here, the Gaia concept phone, created by Ahmad Bittar. This handset reflects your emotions and relations with the people in your contacts list.



Thus, the people you love (and call more often) will be displayed like brighter pictures in your contact book, while the ones you rarely chat with will have their images in the shades. All of these pictures will be shown on a virtual wall, just like on Facebook and interaction will be at hand at any time.

Each time a person you know publishes a picture on his/her profile, calls you, sends a text or modifies something on their site, you’ll get a sound, light and vibration notification, more intense if the contact is very close to you (relative/lover etc). Gaia comes with tons of social networking feats, a multi touch display, zoom and never ending scrolling.



[via Concept Phones]

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