The Eee Phone has all the chances of staying a rumour, but who knows what the Garmin-Asus alliance can create, at this point? An Asustek representative sort of confirmed the device yesterday, by announcing that the Eee Phone will be a low-cost smartphone, in keeping with the tradition of all Eee products, well-priced and with hot specs.



Rumours have claimed that an Eee Phone was getting ready for launch before and most specialists speculate that we’ll be seeing Android on the handset, in spite of the fact that Asus are yet to confirm that. What we do know is that Garmin-Asus announced they’ll be using Windows Mobile, Linux and Android on their devices, so the choice is theirs to be made.

In the meantime we’re waiting for MWC 2009, in order to get some quality time with the Nuvifones (G60 and M20), or maybe even catch a glimpse of that Eee smartphone.

[via Yahoo! News]

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