It’s a well known fact that Google makes cash from ads, served within the results of its search engine. Well, it appears that monetization is better on big screen phones and phablets, which may be one of the reasons why the Nexus 6 is so big.


Shedding some light on this matter, Google’s chief of advertising, Sridhar Ramaswamy discussed the situation in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. The average price of Google search ads has been dropping, because it’s harder to complete a purchase on a smaller screen. This means the advertisers will pay less for their ads on mobile.

Google countered this by sharing more data with advertisers, about the way mobile searches bring visits and purchases to the physical stores. Meanwhile, bigger phones make it easier to place orders and shop online, after clicking on a search ad. It appears that digital marketing firm Merkle RKB has noticed that mobile search ad prices have increased over the past year, probably having to do with those bigger diagonals of phones.

Meanwhile, the Google official seems somewhat unhappy with the way Facebook is reporting views for its clips. Youtube reports a view if someone watches the clip for at least 30 seconds, while Facebook counts it more quickly. But what about the engagement? I recommend you check out the full interview in the source link below, in order to also find out what the Google Ad chief had to say about privacy, the Twitter search deal and more.

via WSJ