It’s well known that online advertising is taking a hit due to the current recession and Google is not immune to this issue. In spite of the fact that T-Mobile USA only sold about 1 million Google Android handsets, they can’t compare to the likes of AT&T, with their millions of iPhones or RIM and their popular BlackBerries .



However, the main advantage of the Android platform is the fact that it embeds ads, generating extra revenue for Google. As more Android smartphones get sold, this revenue will grow, while Apple and RIM will take into account the integration of ads in their apps and services.

There are over a billion mobile users around the globe and not taking advantage of this trend would be a real pity. A major advantage of the ads on Google’s platform is the fact that they’re not obtrusive, plus they’re relevant, so Google will continue its growth, when it comes to revenue and Android phones will play a major part in this evolution.


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