Google Calendar has been the topic of news lately, as it experienced an outage, an update and now a piece of bad news if you like to get notified related to events via SMS. It appears that starting with June 27th you won’t receive SMS messages regarding your calendar appointments.



Previously you could set an alert for the events that you had lined up in Calendar. The feature goes away next month and Google justifies that by saying we live in a world of smartphones and SMS notifications are a thing of the past. In order to receive notifications on the smartphone you are advised to either configure the calendar app that came with the device or install Google Calendar.

This change will not affect Google Drive for Work, Google Apps for Work, the paid edition, or the Education and Government customers. Over the past week, Google Calendar has received unified search, applied to it and Google Drive on the web. You just enter a search term and the relevant files will show up. The past week also brought an outage of 24 hours around the date May 28th

Google recently bought the calendar business Timeful and will include some AI and behavioural tech within Calendar thanks to the purchase.

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