After the mobile version of Firefox reached Nokia N900, it’s time for Chrome to hit the Finns’ famous smartphone/MID. The browser was recently ported unofficially on this platform, being based on the Debian 32 bit release. It comes with a couple of minor bugs, but it does support flash content and we have to thank Jacekowski for the port.


The browser can be downloaded from here and in case you’re wondering about the installation instructions, they’re pretty basic. You’ll start by installing the packages using dkpg in the handset’s console and you must also know that Chromium works with libxss from extra-devel repo and you can get it from here.

The above mentioned files have to be downloaded to the root directory in Nokia N900 and then you’ll type “root”. Next, you’ll have to type “cd /home/user/MyDocs/ dpkg -i name-of-the-lib-file.deb” and “dpkg -i name-of-the-chromefile.deb”. Have fun with the browser or… just wait for a more stable version.

[via maemoarena]

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