The folks of HTC Club recently put up for download the famous Google Maps for Mobile 4.1 software, in the Android Version. We have to mention that somehow, this app isn’t yet available in the Android Market and if you’re wondering about innovations, the first you’ll notice is the redesign of the app’s interface.


Google Maps for Mobile 4.1 now incorporates the Latitude Widget into the Home menu and supports Google multiaccount. Also, we learn that this version of Google Maps gives up the tab-based UI, showing all the info on one page. You’ll simply have to press the new buttons, in order to view a place on the map, to get a route to a certain landmark or to visualize the place with Street View.

Google Buzz is also integrated, as well as the Live Wallpaper feature, turning the Android 2.1 handsets into some sort of real time map, with constant Home screen updates.

[via Mobilissimo]

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