Since Motorola Droid is now official, as the very first Android 2.0 device, it’s time for the first services and apps compatible with the new platform to surface. Case in point, Google Maps Navigation, available now as a beta for Android 2.0 and packing cool navigation features, that we’ll detail in the following lines.



Google Maps Navigation comes with 3D view, turn by turn voice guidance, automatic rerouting and it’s based on the handset’s Internet connection. An advantage of the latter feature is the fact that the phone automatically gets the latest maps and business listings via Google Maps, without the need for paid upgrades or updates.

The simple Google search is also integrated into this service, allowing you to find info about an address, a name, a business or a landmark. Voice search is also supported, a very useful feature specially when driving and not being able to type on your handset. Traffic view is also part of the functions, completed with details about traffic jams, incidents and alternate routes.

Satellite view and Street View complete the features list and there’s a video demo available for this software below:

[via Google Blog]

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