Google Now is expanding with a new useful and interesting card improvement, one that places gas stations on your route cards. Up until now Google Now was able to trace your route from work to home and back or to the airport, but now it will aid you with your route stops.



Interestingly enough, Google won’t offer this card to you all the time, but rather just when you’re driving. Google notices the speed you are moving at and makes a prediction about where you’re headed, thus giving you the info you may need. Of course, it may get it wrong, but most times the proximity of the gas station is spot on. The card isn’t on Google’s official list, so it may be a beta feature of sorts.

In the meantime, if you have a look at the Cards categories, you’ll find interesting mentions like Groceries to re-order, music recommendations, touristic reservations, recent Shazams, Waze traffic alerts and cycling progress info.

via Android Police

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