Google has just started sending out invitations to an event taking place on October 29th in New York City. The event will be focused on Android, probably with new hardware involved, maybe some new Nexus phones. We expect that Android 4.2 will debut, together with the LG Nexus 4 and maybe even a new Samsung and HTC phone also branded Nexus.

Notice that tagline on the invitation “The playground is open”, that’s the same motto with the one of the Nexus 7, if I’m not mistaking. This could mean we may end up seeing that rumored $99 Nexus tablet or maybe the 10 inch Nexus tablet. Speculations are many, but the truth is only known by Eric Schmidt, Andy Rubin and co. I’m particularly interested in seeing new Google phones here, since there have been some interesting launches lately, like the new Nokia Lumias and iPhone 5, while the world of Android didn’t get a flagship in stores this fall.

There’s the LG Optimus G coming and HTC’s new J Butterfly, but they still have a long way to go till they reach USA and Europe. What will Google surprise us with this time? It would be cool if they launched both new Nexus phones and a fresh tablet…

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