Google has just introduced a new app that’ll allow Android users to search on their handsets simply by “drawing” on the screen surface with their fingers. Gesture Search can help you find bookmarks, apps, songs and contacts and it requires Android 2.0 or above to run.

For now, it was tested on Motorola Droid and the Nexus One, but more devices will support it soon. This software is ideal for people who are too lazy to type or speak out loud their search queries. For example, if you’re looking for a friend named Anne, you’ll just have to open Gesture Search and draw the letter “A” on the screen.

Afterwards, Gesture Search will return a list of results starting with the letter “A”. If your handwriting is poor and your “A” can be confused with an “H”, the app will also show the results starting with that letter.

Queries can be deleted by crossing them out and this software will also be able to learn from your search history, so frequently search items will be placed on top of the list.

[via tgdaily]

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