After announcing the partnership between Nokia, Navteq and Alpine we can now see the fruit of their cooperation, showcased at Geneva Motor Show 2010. We’re talking about the Terminal Mode initiative implemented on a car’s dashboard and pictured below.


This system is supposed to “smarten up” your car’s hardware, allowing it to use all of your smartphone’s functions, like multimedia playback, Ovi Maps, web browser and more, via a higher resolution screen. Joining this initiative are also great brands like Fiat, Harman Becker and Valmet Automotive.

The latter was involved in designing the mockup you can see in these images, allowing the user to insert his Nokia handset into a cradle, under the Eva concept’s “on” button. Next, all the important features will be shown on an LCD integrated into the car’s dashboard. Nokia claims that each OEM will provide an unique design for the product and we hope that the final result will be an effective solution.

[via Engadget]

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