Google has just launched a mobile version of its search results for movies integrated in the Google Search. This makes it easier to find info and trailers for the latest motion pictures, straight from your mobile web browser on the iPhone, Android device or Palm webOS.

Just search for “movies”, tap the “more movies” option and from there you can browser a list of movies or select the “Theatres” button for a quick look at the theatres near you. This new option also supports the playback of trailers right on our phone, ratings, categories, posters and showtimes.

The info is brief and easy to display, for a quicker browsing and an easier way to decide what to watch before the movie starts. For extra info, you can just touch the poster or title of the movie, in order to read the synopsis, find out who the actors are and see more pictures.

A map of theatres will also be available for you to see and you should know that this search feature for movies is available in English in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.