Yezz is a phone brand with big success in Latin America and they belong to the firm DDM, based in Miami. Google has started working with Yezz, to provide them with Project Ara modules, that will be showcased at MWC 2015.


The firm has over 100 prototype modules ready and they’ll show the world their ideas in Barcelona next month. Yezz phones are usually affordable, contract-free and they look good, which made the brand very popular in both North and South America. DDM was founded in 2011 and tackled a variety of phone types, including Android models, Windows Phone units and even a Firefox OS one.

Google is preparing to launch a pilot project in Puerto Rico, aimed at testing phones that let people combine hardware parts, like screens, cameras, batteries and more. These modular phones will be based on the Spiral 3 prototype that we’ve heard about a while ago. A special store for modular parts will also be launched in tandem with Google’s partners.

The first Ara device will be sold through food truck-like vendors, with a more casual approach than usual.

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