Google is certainly doing its very own product, the Chrome browser a huge favour by displaying a banner that advises users to download and install it on the main search page. This might prove to be a crucial factor in the browser wars and the strategy seems to be working, since Chrome already has a 4.4% browser market share, after 15 months of existence.


Chrome is promoted on Google’s main page each time an Internet Explorer or Safari user enters the page, so this is advantage that Opera and Mozilla don’t have. This proves how well the Mountain View giant controls the web and it’s now aiming a switch to platforms, with the Android OS and ChromeOS ready to take over smartphones and PCs, respectively.

Since Chrome is exposed to hundreds of millions of people visiting Google’s home page daily, the same could happen with future products from the California-based company. However, if Mozilla, Opera or some annoyed user decides to whine about the banner on Google’s page, we might see an anti-trust investigation, like the one faced by Microsoft when they killed Netscape.

[via Gizmodo]

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