During a special event that took place in China today, Gree’s boss, Dong Mingzhu showcased for the first time a Gree phone, that you can check out below. Gree Electric is a big Chinese appliance maker, that specializes in air conditioner.


gree 1

They’re actually the world’s largest residential air conditioner manufacturer and they also make household items and commercial ones. Electric fans, water dispensers and heaters are also among their products, together with rice cookers and air purifiers. Dong Mingzhu is a Chinese businessperson, that was named by Forbes Asia “Woman in the Mix” in 2013.

Gree is now stepping into the smartphone segment and right now they’re only testing the waters. If it doesn’t work out, they’ll get out of the biz. Apparently there are some problems between Xiaomi and Gree, with their CEOs clashing on several points and having a tense relationship. Will Gree be able to deliver a solid product, I wonder?

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