Gizmodo has a great guide for us, showing how to get a T-Mobile G1 device to support multitouch web browsing. Turns out that this update also includes the Android 1.1 firmware features, so it’s twice as good as we expected.


Xda-developers forum also played a big part in this hack, so we should thank them for their hard work.


In order to enable the multitouch hack, you’ll need a G1 handset, an USB cord, (Android RC33 ROM With Multitouch), an old RC29 ROM,  an Android recovery image, a microSD card reader and the Android SDK.

The main steps you’ll be following, in order to hack the device, are the following: downgrade the Android software to gain root access, update your G1 with the multitouch ROM and download a couple more multitouch-enabled apps.

The full guide is available here, in all its detailed steps and procedures.

[via Gizmodo]

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