The HTC 8X is supposedly doing very well in sales, according to people in the know and we already reviewed this device and found it very appealing, so we can confirm it’s a potential hit. We loved its design and audio quality and its screen and camera were not that bad either. Now there’s a white version incoming, that HTC teased…


White 8X

The picture shown in this article was posted by HTC on Twitter recently with the headline “Sometimes you just need to tune it all out. Let us help”. It shows a boy in what looks like a subway, trying to chill out by listening to music on his red HTC 8X. Meanwhile, two girls are passing around what seems to be a white version of the phone, although it might as well be the HTC M7, that is supposed to have the same back design as the HTC 8X.

However, from what I’ve heard the flash placement will be different on the HTC M7, so this may end up being the HTC 8X in the end. I have to remind you that the 8X has the most appealing design of all Windows Phone 8 devices, even compared to the Lumia 920, if you ask me. It has a dual core CPU, high res display, 8 MP camera that’s actually good, a soft touch feeling back and very good audio quality.

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