Remember when HTC said that it can’t upgrade the Desire model to Gingerbread, only to come back a day later and deny it, saying that actually they can? Well, although they complained of lack of RAM and device power, they’re still working on it, but rumors have appeared, saying we might actually lose the HTC Sense experience when getting Android 2.3.


The info comes from a recently leaked carrier document, showing that the HTC Desire model will lose the Sense UI once it upgrades to Gingerbread. Last we heard, the Taiwanese smartphone maker said it would cut some apps from the release, but we’d never imagine that Sense would be the victim. The document with the leak comes from Australian carrier Telstra, in case you’re wondering.

How about developing a dumbed down Sense, that still has the visual appeal, but it lacks some CPU-intensive features? Well, there’s always the possibility that this will only affect Telstra, not the other carriers…

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