HTC’s 3D smarpthone, the EVO 3D is apparently part of a secret presale going on at Best Buy, although we don’t even know when the handset will be out. Last we heard, the phone was coming this summer, although specific date was mentioned and now there’s a secret preorder system at Best Buy, but the trick is that you have to ask for it.


The info comes from a source inside Best Buy apparently and we also know that the retailer is not promoting the presale actively, at least not yet. This secret initiative might be solely directed to people familiar with Best Buy or customers with a long buying tradition, if we were to speculate.

The preorder procedure is the standard one: you pay a bit of cash at first, then you receive a gift card and the promise that the handset will reach you as soon as it’s available. The gift card can be applied to the total cost of the device, if you want. Sounds like a sweet deal, provided that it’s the real thing.

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