It appears HTC wants to enter yet another niche, after covering the mid-end one with Wildfire/Wildfire S, the high end with Incredible S and Sensation and the social networking one with ChaCha and Salsa. This time they’re after the feminine public, that will get its very own smarthone, looking something like this:


There’s even a name of the handset, HTC Glamor and I have to say that the whole concept and color choice is a bit Corby-like to me. This model is supposed to be available in pink, yellow and light blue. Previously, we’ve heard about a certain HTC Bliss, a female-oriented smartphone that was rumored last month.

We have no idea if the Glamor and Bliss are one and the same, but considering the latter is supposed to adopt the design of Desire S or Desire Z, chances are slim. The HTC Glamor is expected to be a bit like the Incredible S and Sensation at the bottom side, plus it will get a rubberized back and we bet that a ton of female-oriented apps will be in there.

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