HTC Hero finally got unboxed by the folks of Phone Dog and this is the European version we’re checking out, so that means no manuals and no cool packaging, but it’s all about the phone, in the end:


The European HTC Hero comes with the Sense interface, which is very cool and appealing, basically a TouchFLO 3D with more social networking and online contacts integration. We remind you that the US version of the phone comes with the standard Android version, but back to the handset in the video, it features a multitouch display, a 5 megapixel camera and a 3.5mm headset jack.

We also found out that the European Hero is sleeker and comes with better build quality than the US one, plus it’ll be available in more colors. Notice the comparison between Hero and its predecessors, for the extra slimness and size differences. The teflon layer and anti smudge display take care of the fingerprint issue, but we’ll leave the rest of the impressions to spill out of the video above.


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