Did you know that HTC Hero supports multi-touch? What about Flash? Well, the video below details the use of Adobe’s Flash technology on the new Android phone, so you’d better check it out, for more details:

Thanks to the use of Flash on HTC Hero, users will now have access to a more complete web browsing experience and varied content based on Flash technology. Right now, 80% of all videos online are delivered using Adobe Flash, so rich web content on the go is certainly the future for the Android platform.

People will be able to view YouTube vids using Flash technology and full screen mode will also be supported and activated by double tapping the screen. Intuitive video controls and interactive content backed by ActionScript 2.0 will also improve the usability of HTC Hero, that’s also a great source for quality audio streaming.

The Flash experience on HTC Hero can be checked out here.

[via HTC and Adobe]

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