Since we’ve seen Android ported on the iPhone, it’s no wonder that a reverse port is getting some work done these days. We’re talking about iOS 4 recently spotted on a HTC Magic unit. There’s also a video to support this claim, although odds are that the port is a fake.

The OS is very laggy, since Magic is not quite the newest of smartphones, but some claim that this device is being used as a remote for an iPhone unit. This means that HTC Magic shows the iPhone’s menus and controls the Apple handset remotely, instead of running iOS 4 on its own.

Still, turning a HTC device into an iPhone remote is a pretty tough thing to do, perhaps tougher than porting iOS on another phone (just saying). Also, there’s a slight chance that this isn’t iOS 4, but rather a cloned OS, that borrows the iOS UI. Here’s the video proof:


[via clonedinchina]

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