User Beqovaya from the XDA-Developers board is in for a very merry Christmas, as he has just received his HTC Max 4G handset and now we can experience the wonderful feeling of owning it through a series of unboxing pics.


In case you haven’t heard, Max 4G is the first phone to support GSM/WiMAX and its specs list is surely one to remember: an 800 x 480 touchscreen display, 8GB Flash memory, 2 cameras, WiFi, tri-band EDGE and FM radio. HTC’s beautiful device runs Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 and works best in the Russian network Scartel Yota.

HTC Max 4G comes with software, earphones, an extra stylus, USB sync cable, manuals and… that’s it, although for $1050, they could have thrown in a pouch and screen protectors.



[via wmpoweruser]

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