HTC One is already an excellent phone, but imagine if it became a dual SIM device with a microSD card slot. Sadly, this version is only to be found in China, in the HTC One 802w version. A Sina Weibo user posted the picture you can see below on the Chinese social networking site.



As you can see, we’re dealing with a dual SIM handset with a microSD card slot and also with a removable back cover. The European version of the phone doesn’t have any of these, but at least it comes with LTE. As usual with such leaks and pictures, I recommend some precaution, since it could just be a cloned version, just like that beautiful HDC cloned handset we’ve seen not so long ago.

I wonder if the back cover is still made of metal or if the material is something else. I’m also curios what the locking mechanism is to snap such a cover onto the device. I have a feeling this is still some sort of knockoff and till I see official news from HTC, I won’t believe this is the real deal…


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