A few days ago, more precisely on July 29, HTC One (E8) made its way in Romania at a pretty high price, and thanks to this it seems that the users are not looking to buy such a device for the moment, especially because they were expecting a lower price for this polycarbonate version of the One (M8) flagship.



HTC One (E8) is available through several retailers from Romania at a $653 price tag, a little bit high for the most people who wanted to buy it. Making a comparison between the price of the One (E8) and the one of the One (M8), phones sold by the same retailers, it seems that the difference between the two models is just $91, the metallic One being sold at a $733 price tag.

Also, HTC One (E8) takes the 2nd place compared with LG G3 too, a premium device that manages to offer an awesome design and a Quad HD display. This one is available on the retailer platform for $699, with just $50 over the price of the One (E8).

According to several readers from Romania, they found this price too high, suggesting that a better option will be the acquisition of a Nexus 5 or even a HTC One (M7). Most of us expected at a price between $450 – $480, but as it seems the price is a lot higher. If this device would arrived at such a price, we think that a lot of users who can’t afford the metallic version would bought it. Yet, we expect that soon the price to slowly decrease.

via: mobilissimo.ro

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