It seems that the average user has been finding chincks in the HTC One S ceramic “armor”, as shown in the picture below. If you’re paying a couple hundreds of dollars for a smartphone you may not want it to look like that after a bunch of days of use… right? Also, the person posting this photo assured everyone that he/she didn’t drop it on the floor.


When HTC showcased the One Series they detailed the nifty ceramic coating its new devices got. Staying away from the standard metal and plastic cases, the Taiwanese maker chose ceramics, that’s great because it’s got low weight and high strength, plus it doesn’t cause signal problems. HTC One S gets its ceramic coating through a process called micro arc oxidation, that’s detailed below. Basically it uses electricity to turn the aluminum layer of the case into a thin ceramic. The result would give you a material stronger than steel and capable of resisting abuse.

However, chips and scratches have started to appear on at least one or two One S units. I can say only this: if after one week of ownership your phone looks like that, how will it look a year from now? I’m pretty sure that this is an isolated case, since I can’t really imagine having such brand new and fragile phones out there…

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