Unlike some other companies out there, Nokia didn’t pull a “you’re holding it wrong move”, but instead admitted the issues that the Lumia 900 model is having and promised a fix for it ASAP. Finnish company admitted that there’s a memory management issue going on with the software of the phone, in the case of some units.


These devices seem to prevent the user from connecting to the Internet somehow and they don’t have to do with hardware or the AT&T network. Nokia said that the fix will be ready on April 16th and that the the guys and gals who bought the Windows Phone model will be allowed to download the fix or swap their unit with a working one. Nokia US chief Chris Weber also claimed that the company is already shipping new versions of the Lumia 900 with the fresh software on board to AT&T stores.

As a bonus, Nokia promised those who bought the handset a $100 rebate even if their phone is affect or not. Since the handset costs $99, this means that the smartphone is available basically for free with a 2 year contract, a great offer for the Lumia 900, no matter what anyone says. This applies to the people who buy the phone before April 21st.

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