You are probably wondering why we unboxed the HTC One after the review… well we had a test sample when we reviewed the phone and now we’ve got the finalized version. Luckily HTC decided to ditch that box design that resembled a carton egg shell and went with a more classic approach.



The box reminds me of the 2011 and 2012 Xperia packages, but still it’s not as compact as blue Nokia boxes. HTC One goes for $199 on contract via Sprint in USA and you can buy it off contract for $699. The phone bundles a bunch of manuals, headphones, charger, USB cable and the tiny metal key that helps you remove the SIM tray. The headphones look nice, feel nice and offer great volume and clarity.

The handset is available in black, silver and red and it will soon get updated to Android 4.2.2, that will bring it Notification area toggles and some repurposing of the capacitive buttons, plus the percentage of the battery near its logo. As you know already, we gave this phone a huge grade in the review over here, so you can now enjoy the unboxing below:

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